About MMC

About My Miracle Child

My Miracle Child was founded a project to source quality clothing for premature babies. This would include mainly clothing needed for the little ones to wear when they are in the NICU therefore the current target is to bring in one-piece bodysuits, caps and mittens.

Our Miracle Story

Our story begins in 2016 when I found out that I had to have my baby boy, Max 2 months prior to his delivery date as there was low levels of amniotic fluid and the placenta is not providing enough blood and nutrients to the baby.

In December of that year Max was born weighing 750grams and was immediately placed in the NICU of Asiri Medical which at the time was advised as being the best NICU care in Colombo. Max was tiny and considered extreme low birth weight plus other complications affecting his kidneys and breathing. During the 2 months stay at the NICU, we were asked to bring in clothing and various other items for Max. As we looked around for warm bodysuits, thinking the smallest ones we could find would fit him…we were greatly sad to see even the 0-3 months baby clothes that was readily available in various stores was overly big for Max. Nothing that looked really small fit him. Even though Max did not have the luxury of getting clothes that fit him, once he came out of the NICU and back home, I decided to source out quality clothes for other premature/small babies within the lowest budget possible. This is when My Miracle Child began.

Max today is an active and happy 2 year old (2019) keeping his mum very busy and on her toes most of the time.

Max Goonetilleke – Reason behind My Miracle Child

Right Clothes at the Right Budget

NICU is not cheap especially when your little Miracle has to be there for awhile. My aim was to find clothes for an affordable price but I did not want to compromise on quality at all. After all these are delicate little beings and what they wear has to be carefully considered. Therefore instead of trying to invent the wheel in Sri Lanka (for the moment) I decided to look at others who are expertise in this field.

First option was of course, MotherCare. Their garments are really good but they were so expensive. Premature baby clothes due to their sizing and therefore the specialized work that is needed to make them are much more expensive than the normal baby clothes. I was able to after much research find 2 sources – Carters and George Asda who offered the lowest cost and good quality.

Unfortunately though once you convert to rupees these still can be considered expensive but we do try to avoid as much as possible to bring these garments to Sri Lanka without delivery costs being incurred to us as delivery in itself is quite high.

I continue to look and source out other places to see how I can lower the cost of these garments, so that parents will have clothes for their tiny ones.